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Key information

At we prioritize the privacy of everyone who uses our websites and apps, it refers to individuals from all over the world. This document covers all our services and products. It is important to take note that we cannot be held responsible for protecting personal information on other websites and sources. This Privacy Policy is applicable exclusively to website. Using this Site, you agree to accept and follow these terms and confirm you have reached the age to match Privacy Policy rules. In case of changes to the terms, your continued site use means you accept all updates. We highly value the privacy of all our users and treat any personal information with the utmost confidentiality.

The website is designed for users over 16. Younger visitors are prohibited to use the site. When visiting the website, you agree to comply with all the terms specified in Privacy Policy, namely, to collection, processing, utilization, and disclosure of your personal data. If you do not agree with this document, please do not use the website. If you are a parent or a guardian of a kid (kids) accessing the website, you must agree to this Privacy Policy on their behalf.

We fully realize our responsibility for your personal information. In this document, we will detail what type of data we collect when you become a user of our site. Privacy Policy will become a clear guide through our practices. In case you have queries, you are welcome to contact us via email. 

What information do we collect?

We will only deal with date that you agree to share when filling out the comment form. These include the following details:

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Additional data you agree to share

Automatically collected data

Some information is obtained via cookies. All the details of this channel is described in Section Cookies of this document. Beyond that, we may get the following data when you are visiting our site:

  • the views of the ads
  • cookie data
  • gadgets ID
  • your recently visited Internet page
  • the browser type you use
  • IP address (for advertisement targeting)

Data from other sources

In case we get personal information from third parties, you will be immediately notified.

Why do we need these personal details?

To enhance the quality of our services and content, we will utilize your personal information, whether directly provided by you or automatically gathered through cookies and other tools. Additionally, we may process your personal data when requested by law, for example, age verification. Your personal data may also be employed for direct marketing campaigns, like newsletters. Additionally, we need your personal details for optimizations of all our services and products. All these actions represent the legitimate interests of the website.

On top of that, advertisers on our website can accumulate information through cookies. Their goal is behavioral analysis for multi-faceted advertising strategies. You will find a clearer explanation of it in Section V below.

It’s essential to note that holds no responsibility for any personal data collected by third-party software or methods on the Site. Such data collection happens in accordance with the general terms and conditions of these third parties. For preserving your privacy, restrain from using your real name or email address. It is especially important when you participate in multiplayer gaming sessions on our Site.

We inform you that your personal information can be shared with all Google CPS Vendors. It is done to allow Google DV360 to return GDPR compliant bids for ad delivery.

How long do we store your data?

Your information is kept only for the period necessary to match the purposed stipulated in this Privacy Policy. Your data is removed after a particular period in which you have not appeared on the site. In rare cases, for example, for customer relationship purposes, the user data can be retained.

Users’ rights

Each user has a right not to agree to their information processing in case they do not want to receive newsletter or updates. In this case, the user is to send us an email with this request without providing a reason for this decision

Personal data can be deleted or restricted from being processed on the request of the user, but they must provide a reason for such a decision. Each request will be reviewed by and the official response will be provided.

About cookies

Cookies are tiny files that are loaded on your computer or device as you navigate the vast web. They are stored on your hard drive and keep the information about your web browser and the specific websites you visit. When you return to the same site, cookies immediately recognize you and provide the personalized information for you, based on your previous user history. Their main task is to provide you with a smooth online journey. And what are web beacons? These are miniature graphic images strategically located on websites to track your digital behavior.

Cookies play a crucial role in monitoring user experience and improving it. By harnessing the power of cookies, websites can immediately recognize you without passwords. 

Types of cookies

Here is a list of cookies that are typically used by a website.

First-party cookies: These are created by the website itself, and their primary role is to enhance its performance. They monitor what language is most frequently chosen or remember items in a shopping cart.

Third-party cookies: These belong to third parties and collect data on user behavior. These are common for social media platforms.

Cookies that coordinate the website’s performance do not need user’s permissions, while all other do.  

About cookies you encounter on our site

You will interact only first-part cookies on our website. These have only a purpose to optimize the platform – we monitor what language you prefer, how long you stayed on our site and what pages you visited.

Sometimes, we place games from third-party suppliers. In this case, your personal details can be accessed by them through their own cookies. Once you are ready to enjoy a game from a different supplier, you agree to interact in their environments. We cannot control it. So, before you choose a game from the outer supplier, it is vital to review their privacy policies.

When using the website, you agree that you may find yourself using cookies web beacons of third parties. Furthermore, these third parties may use your information in accordance with the terms of their Privacy Policies. We are not responsible for these consequences.

 We also use Google Analytics cookies that help us get statistic data on traffic to the platform and views of particular content. These insights give us a better understanding of how to improve the service for our customers.

Managing cookies

It is easy enough to adjust cookies via browser settings – you can either accept or block them. Here is a short guide on what you can do.  

Google Chrome: Open the menu and find Settings. Open the tab’s advanced option and select the privacy tab. Here you will see Cookies – either accept or block these.

Internet Explorer: Find Tools in the browser menu. Here you will see the privacy settings – the browser allows users to select the type of cookies they are ready to accept or remove them all.

Mozilla Firefox: All the settings can be found in the Privacy section. You can refuse from third-parties cookies only or block them all. Besides, you can decide on how long you store cookies or select which ones you want to keep and remove. 

Safari: In this browser, cookies are also controlled through the Privacy menu. The options include accept, block or select cookies.

Opera: Find Preferences in the Extra menu and decide on cookie settings. You can set an Ask Me option for each cookie that is sent to you.

Safety and security website has introduced technical and organizational standards to handle all personal details safely. If you want to know more about how it all functions, you can send us a request to get more information.

 We only allow your data to be seen by employees of Personal details are never shared with third parties. In some rare cases, an external processor is involved, but we have implemented measures to ensure this is confidential and safe. You may be sure your information is not used inappropriately.

Our contacts

If you need more information on our Privacy Policy or have personal concerns, contact us using the email.

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