Dead Scream

Are you easily scared? Dead Scream is about to find that out! Prepare to roam through an eerie forest full of creepy things and real dangers. How long will you be able to hold out before panic overwhelms you? Let’s see!

Dead Scream Rules

• Make your way through the woods that are dark, spooky, and potentially dangerous.
• The game lasts for only 18 minutes, but each one feels like a whole hour!
• The challenge is to hold out for those 18 minutes without screaming, no matter what happens.
• One single scream – and you’re done. You die, you swear, you start over.

Special Mechanics

Microphone Challenge: Think you can trick the rules? Dead Scream takes it up a notch with the ultimate microphone challenge. Your screams are your death sentence, and the game can hear you loud and clear. So, keep those vocal cords in check!

Volume Intricacies: It’s not just about the mere fact of screaming – it’s also about how loud you scream. Setting the dial just right is vital if you want to avoid your quiet whispers or accidental chair creaks from being counted as full-blown screams. Or you can crank the settings up for true hardcore gameplay!

Time Catch: Time only moves when you move. No chilling in the bushes hoping to ride out those 18 minutes — you’ve got to keep the adrenaline pumping and the screams flowing!

Scream-tastic, Yell-icious And Shrieking Awesome!

So, think you can pull those vocal cords of yours together and conquer the horrors of Dead Scream? Step into the creepy woods, keep your screams down and your thrills up, and invite your friends to join the madness for even screamier fun!

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