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Lethal Company Game

Ever wanted to roam the vast space, land on moons you never even knew existed, and explore alien worlds you never saw even in your wildest dreams? In Lethal Company, there will be no shortage of those! Embark on a slew of thrilling extraterrestrial voyages as you set foot in the most distant corners of our galaxy, all for the sake of gaining knowledge, gathering resources, and making a whooping career at an intergalactic scavenging company. All aboard and let’s go!

Lethal Company Features

  • Mission Mayhem: Buckle up for a plethora of missions that’ll take you zooming to distant planets faster than you can say “space junk.” Your mission? Collect valuable scrap, ship it to the headquarters, and get precious space credits to spend on your equipment.
  • Faraway Moons: Lethal Company has got a smorgasbord of fascinating moons, each with its own unique biome. From alien deserts to funky fungal forests, your space odyssey just got a whole lot weirder.
  • Upgrade Mania: Your ship feeling a bit outdated? Dive into a futuristic wonderland with a variety of hi-tech upgrades for your ship and gear. Scanners, compasses, drills, jetpacks, spacesuits, weapons… Even onboard radio and TV! Upgrade, adapt, conquer!
  • Monster Mash: What’s space without a bit of spook? Lurking in the shadows of alien landscapes are creepy monsters waiting to make your heart skip a beat. From giant four-winged birds to poisonous intelligent bugs to spectral boogiemen, you’re up for a wild monster ride.
  • DIY Industry And Defense: In Lethal Company, you can craft landmines to mine resources and set up turrets to give those monsters a taste of their own medicine. Your survival and comfort on an alien turf is in your own skillful hands.
  • Crew Control: Think you can handle the pressure? Distribute tasks, witch between crew members, keep an eye on your ship’s vitals, and make sure the mission goes as planned, even if it means losing a man or two.
  • Dwindling Stats: Forget invincibility – you’re human and you’re fragile. Manage depletable characteristics like health and stamina because space is no walk in the park. Your spacefarer might need a protein bar or two!
  • Scientific Approach: Ever wanted to be a space scholar? Now’s your chance! Dive into logs, journals, and databases to collect knowledge about alien fauna, minerals, and everything a respectable moon explorer needs to keep tabs on.

Moons, Scrap, and Corporate Spirit

Your space adventure in Lethal Company kicks off when you get hired by a huge corporation specializing in collecting scrap from moons that used to be a big industrial deal once, but were abandoned and are now slowly rusting away in the endless black void. Your job is to go there, pick up everything that can still be reutilized, and drop it off for processing. A dream gig for thrill seekers and reckless souls! Prepare for a fascinating mix of scavenging, mining, crafting, free-roaming, and    life-risking!

Lethal Company Menu And Navigation

📗⚙ Green for Scrap: Immediately spot valuable scrap, tinted in the vibrant hue of green. The scanner doesn’t just point it out – it kindly provides a sneak peek into its cosmic worth. No more cosmic guesswork—knowledge is power!

📕🐾 Red For Wildlife: The cosmos is teeming with life, but not all of it is friendly. Wildlife, highlighted in the cosmic shade of red, is best observed from a safe distance. Scan these cosmic creatures to send their data back to the Company.

📘🏔 Blue For Locations: Navigating cosmic landscapes can be perplexing, but fear not! The scanner bathes entryways and significant locations in a calming blue glow. Follow the cosmic trail, and you’ll never find yourself lost in the cosmic maze.

Tips On Playing Lethal Company

  1. The Farther The Riskier.
    While the close-range space has already been thoroughly explored, and all the dangers it hosts have been catalogued, distant moons are still mostly terra incognita. So going there is always more perilous. But also more exciting!
  2. The Farther The Costlier.
    Yeah, and remember that the Company is quite greedy. So the farther the moon, the higher the transport fee. You’d better have some extra cash stocked up in case you decide to brave far-off cosmic frontiers!
  3. Scan Everything.
    We’re already talked about that, but one just can’t stress enough how important it is to stick to your scanner. Use it to gain some valuable knowledge in advance and save yourself some painful mistakes!
  4. Watch The Weather.
    You’re not on Earth anymore, and you have to stay alert in case any meteorological emergency breaks out. Alien weather might change rather abruptly and drastically. And even if it doesn’t, minor sways during the day will still affect your scrap-collecting routine, so you’d better take that into account.
  5. Don’t Miss The Airdrops.
    Every time you buy some new sleek equipment, it doesn’t wait for you to get home from the mission at hand. The Company drops it right to your current moon. And it doesn’t care whether it lands right into your hands, so it’s up to you to keep an eye on the sky and pick it up.
  6. Check Up On Your Crew Members.
    As your brave scavengers scatter to collect that precious scrap, you can’t just sit back and wait for them to do their job. Use the player-switching option to check up on each and every one of them time and again. If there is any danger, you’ll easily spot it in top-down view. And just in case, the game will also mark it red for you.
  7. Master The Art Of Console.
    Many routine actions in Lethal Company can be cut short by typing a code into the console. This is how you can open and lock doors, activate and disable landmines and turrets, and do plenty of other things that take up precious time and distract your attention from what really matters on a strange planet.

Explore, Mine, Conquer

So, are you ready for your very first daring space-scavenging mission? Hop into your ship, pick a moon, fly off to strange and hostile worlds. Explore every nook and cranny, pick up every bit of alien scrap you can lay your hands on, equip your crew and upgrade your base. Manage your crew’s stats and duties, navigate the dangers and challenges of the farthest frontiers of space, survive among creepy extraterrestrial monsters. And most importantly, enjoy every step on this uncharted turf that you’re about to mine, catalogue, and put on the map. Lethal Company is waiting, and the ship is about to take off!

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