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Lethal Company is choke full of space voyages, stunning discoveries, life-threatening adventures, and of course, a whole array of monsters lurking on strange planets. We’re talking about a zoo of zany critters, each more bonkers than the last. So, buckle up, cause you’re about to meet each and every last of Lethal Company monsters in this game! And hopefully, live to tell the tale…

From Harmless To Lethal

First things first, let’s sort out our danger scale. We’re talking Harmless (like a fluffy bunny), Low Danger (maybe a mosquito), Medium Danger (picture a grumpy cat), and High Danger (think Godzilla but smaller… maybe). Depending on what kind of monster is in front of you, your survival strategy might range from ignoring and keeping to your business to jetpacking for your life. Keeping tabs on the alien fauna is an absolute must if you hope to make it back to your home planet in one piece!

Lethal Company Monsters To Avoid

1. Eyeless Dogs: Blind as a bat, these pups rely on their ears. In swarms, they’re like a mosh pit gone wrong. So, if you ever find yourself surrounded by eyeless dogs, remember the golden rule: swing that shovel like you’re playing whack-a-mole!

2. Thumper Halves: Imagine a shark, but with a twist – they have to snack on their own legs just to escape their eggshell. Creepy! Fast as lightning in a straight line, they’re not the brightest bulbs in the box. Just play some hide and seek, and you should be safe.

3. Jester: This jack-in-the-box with legs might make you go “aww” at first, but that’s just a trap. They are the stuff of dungeon nightmares! The second you see it, get out. You don’t want to stick around for their twisted tricks!

So, are you ready to face Lethal Company monsters and survive among the creepiest of them? Keep it cool, keep it crazy, and most importantly, keep that shovel handy! Good luck!

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