Lethal Company Mods

Scavenging distant planets is exciting and fun enough on its own. But it can be even more so with mods! Our great Lethal Company Mods add another awesome spin (or rather a whole bunch of spins, each awesome in its own way) to your cosmic scrap-picking odysseys. Tweak basic settings, tinker with the stats, add a whole slew of previously unavailable options, and customize your scape trips to be not just breathtakingly thrilling, but also addictively stylish!

Lethal Company Mods: All Kinds, All Flavors

Stat Boost: Feeling a bit squishy in the alien showdowns? Say goodbye to feeble stamina, health, and other lackluster stats! Pump up those virtual muscles and become the supernatural powerhouse you were destined to be.

Feature-Rich: Fancy a monitor-accurate ring compass guiding your every move? How about that sleek scrap value counter to flaunt your in-game riches? And finally, a fully customizable minimap that puts the power of navigation in your hands. Yeah, it’s that cool!

Rule Breaking: Lethal Company Mods let you break free from the shackles of gaming constraints. Teleport all over the place, save your progress limitlessly, speed up item dropships and what not!

Extraterrestrial Customization: Unleash your inner digital designer and gather scrap with style! Dress your crew up to strut alien worlds in the wildest outfits, slap a few embellishments onto your ship, and tweak the cosmic visuals to your liking.

Purely For Fun’s Sake: Looking for a break from all the scavenging shenanigans and alien challenges? Pimp your ship with some TV, listen to your fav tunes right in your helmet, and feel at home even thousands of lights years away from Mother Earth!

With our Lethal Company Mods, your scrap-hunting escapades are about to get a major upgrade. Boost your stats, revel in feature-rich gameplay, break the rules, customize to your heart’s content, and go on a scavenging journey like no other!

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