Lethal Company 2




There are thousands of planets and moons spinning in the black vastness of space. And they are packed with resources. In Lethal Company 2, it’s your job to land, loot, and bring back the scrap, even if it means risking your life amidst strange and hostile alienscapes. Are you in?

Ready, set, loot!

Your goal in Lethal Company 2 is to explore a whole plethora or faraway worlds and strip them bare of any resources your employers will find useful. All of that not only for the sake of sheer exploration thrill, but also for some sweet jingling space cash. The company will provide you with everything you need to start off – your trusty spaceship, a valiant crew of scavengers, basic equipment and regular airdrops. But your own survival is purely up to you – as well as actually buying all that stuff they’re about to drop. Capitalism of the future is wild, as well as extraterrestrial looting!

Lethal Company 2 Features

• Trusty Crew: You won’t be alone on your mission – there is a whole crew of intrepid planet explorers at your command, and they’re willing to do your bidding. Watch out for them, they’re your people now!
• New Moon Every Day: Travel around the farthest corners of our galaxy and explore the wonders of far-off moons ready to be de-scrapped by your team of cosmic scavengers.
• Scrap Value Preview: Brand-new, super-advanced scanner that doesn’t only locates scrap but graciously reveals its cosmic value. Galactic wealth is just a scan away!
• Creature Database: Encounter cosmic creatures, scan them as well, and contribute to the cosmic knowledge database. The more you know, the safer your cosmic journey!
• Hi-Tech Upgrades: You’re in the future, baby, and there is no shortage of cool gadgets you can purchase to pimp your space ride. From supersensitive sensors to tech-packed jetpacks, it’s all in your hands!
• Cruel Business: The company you work for doesn’t care about your comfort or even life – it only cares about your money-making potential. So if you’re in trouble, you’re on your own. The corporate ship won’t wait for you longer than it’s profitable. The stakes are stratosphere-high!

Off Into Space!

So there you have it – the ultimate space exploration, scrap-collecting, danger-overcoming odyssey that will make you rave about faraway planets and alien perils. It’s adventure-infested, it’s visually stunning, and it’s downright impossible to quit. Plunge into Lethal Company 2, choose your very first destination and let’s go!

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