Lethal Company

Welcome to the Lethal Company, where scrap hunting is the name of the game, and the stakes are as high as the distant moons you’re about to explore! In this cosmic adventure, you’ve snagged a gig with some big cheese intergalactic enterprise, tasked with jetting off to uncharted territories, scavenging valuable scrap, and ensuring you make it back in one piece. Your mission? Meet the profit quota or risk getting the cosmic boot!

Lethal Company Gameplay

1. Scrap, the Cosmic Currency: Your primary task is crystal clear: scour the moons for precious scrap. Every piece counts, and your profit depends on it. But beware, the cosmos is not a friendly playground. Navigating treacherous terrain, facing cosmic hazards, and avoiding otherworldly disasters are all part of the gig!

2. Selling Scrap 101: Once your cargo hold is bursting with scrap, it’s time to cash in. Navigate your ship back to the Company Building on 71-Gordion. Spot the conspicuous alcove, deposit your hard-earned loot, and ring that bell like you’re signaling a cosmic jackpot. The Company will swoop in to collect your treasure trove, and your profit meter starts ticking.

3. Countdown to Quota: Time is of the essence in this cosmic hustle. You’re working against the clock, and the Company won’t wait forever. You have a limited number of days to gather your scrap bounty. Efficient planning, strategic exploration, and a dash of cosmic luck are your allies in meeting the profit quota before the countdown reaches zero.

Perils of the Cosmos

The cosmos is a perilous place. Death is not just a possibility here – it’s a cosmic certainty. Hazards lurk on every moon, and your crewmates might find themselves in cosmic crossfires. But fear not! If a member bites the cosmic dust, you can still salvage the situation by bringing their lifeless body back to the ship. A proper cosmic farewell, if you will.

Dying Is Hard… And Expensive!

Death comes at a cost, quite literally. The Company is generous in profits but stern in penalties. Each crew member lost or abandoned racks up a penalty fee. The more bodies you recover, the less you pay. If the worst-case scenario unfolds, and every member of your crew meets an untimely end, the ship won’t wait around for your cosmic comeback.

Lethal Company is a cruel business but it’s also big money. Profit, peril, and the vast expanse of the cosmos await your scrap-tastic debut! May the cosmic winds guide you to fortune, and may your scrap-hunting skills shine in the cosmic firmament!

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