Backrooms Unblocked

The Backrooms, this god-forsaken place in the middle of nowhere that can send shivers down even the most intrepid spines… You’re here again, and there is only one thing on your increasingly deranged mind – get out, at any cost! See if you can escape the eerie yellow-walled dimension this time in Backrooms Unblocked!

How to beat the Backrooms

1. Watch Your Stamina: While in real life your inability to keep running endlessly won’t cause you much of a trouble except perhaps missing your bus, in Backrooms Unblocked, it can cost you your very life! Keep yourself stocked on energy bars and juice cans to be capable of breaking into a lively sprint any time you need it. Or you may try bhopping (yeah, there’s a special term for that) – this way you won’t lose any stamina at all.

2. Don’t let that sanity meter drop too low: Being exposed to danger or even simply hanging out in dangerous levels will eat away at your sanity meter. And that means one thing – delirium, hallucinations, and game over! So make sure you always have some almond water or moth jelly in your pocket – these things will help you hold out a little bit longer. Beware of the 15% sanity mark!

3. Keep your finger on that F button: Whether you escape Backrooms Unblocked or not directly depends on how effectively you interact with your creepy environment. And that means pressing the F button every time you see some kind of an item, switch, lever, door or what not. You have to try every possible way to interact with whatever you find around you. Who knows, maybe you’re just holding a key to your survival!

So there you have it, dimensional daredevils. Use these pieces of the Backrooms knowledge wisely and may you always be able to find that elusive exit!

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